Danforth Series #3

This latest historical thriller in the Bob Danforth series builds on Nostradamus's "lost" 58 quatrains and segues to present day. These lost quatrains have surfaced in the hands of a wealthy Iranian megalomaniac who believes his rise to world power was prophesied by Nostradamus. But he sees the United States as the principal obstacle to the achievement of his goals. So, the first step he takes is to attempt to destabilize the United States through a vicious series of terrorist attacks and assassinations.

Joseph Badal offers up another action-packed story loaded with intrigue, fascinating characters and geopolitical machinations that put the reader on the front line of present-day international conflict. You will be transported from a 16th century French monastery to the CIA, to crime scenes, to the Situation Room at the White House, to Middle Eastern battlefields.

The Nostradamus Secret presents non-stop action in a contemporary context that will make you wonder whether the story is fact or fiction, history or prophesy.

ISBN: 978-1-876963-41-5



Fans of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn will love the work of Joseph Badal. His fast-paced thriller, "The Nostradamus Secret," is a shot of pure adrenaline.
Steve Brewer, author of Cutthroat

THE NOSTRADAMUS SECRET is a gripping, fact-paced story filled with truly fanatical, frightening villains bent on the destruction of the USA and the modern world. Badal's characters and the situations they find themselves in are hair-raising and believable. I couldn't put the book down. Bring on the sequel!
Catherine Coulter, author of Double Take

Once again, Badal has crafted a superb thriller that grips you from page one and doesn't let go. The Nostradamus Secret has it all--compelling plot, intricate characters and a breakneck pace that will keep readers up well into the night. Another winner for Badal.
Philip Donlay, author of Category Five and Code Black

The Nostradamus Secret is an amazingly intricate tale of international intrigue, political deception and terrorism. Joe Badal delivers a gripping, fast-paced story that carries the reader on a wild ride and, once again, weaves a fascinating historical context into the fabric of this contemporary thriller. A must-read for fans of Ludlum and Clancy.
Tony Hillerman, New York Times best-selling author

With The Nostradamus Secret, Badal gives us a fast-paced, page-turning book with a riveting, realistic plot that thriller and mystery readers will love.
Michael McGarrity, New York Times Best-selling Author of Death Song

Joseph Badal returns with a timely, page-turning thriller that combines the best elements of Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and David Baldacci. Filled with insider details and immensely readable, The Nostradamus Secret takes readers from the backrooms of Washington to the darkest corners of Iran in a spellbinding tale. A poignant, chilling novel. Highly-recommended.
Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of The Confession