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The Pythagorean Solution

The attempt to decipher a map leads to violence and death, and a decades-long sunken treasure. When American John Hammond arrives on the Aegean island of Samos he is unaware of events that happened six decades earlier that will embroil him in death and violence and will change his life forever.


Late one night Hammond finds Petros Vangelos lying mortally wounded in an alley. Vangelos hands off a coded map, making Hammond the link to a Turkish tramp steamer that carried a fortune in gold and jewels and sank in a storm in 1945.


On board this ship, in a waterproof safe, are documents that implicate a German SS Officer in the theft of valuables from Holocaust victims and the laundering of those valuables by the Nazi's Swiss banker partner.


(ISBN: 0-743498-49-2)

Evil Deeds (Danforth Series #1)

Evil Deeds is the first book in the Bob Danforth series, which includes Terror Cell, The Nostradamus Secret and The Lone Wolf Agenda. The reader can follow the lives of Bob and Liz Danforth and their son, Michael, from 1971 through 2011.


Evil Deeds begins on a sunny spring day in 1971 in a quiet Athenian suburb. Bob and Liz Danforth's morning begins just like every other morning: breakfast together, Bob roughhousing with Michael. Then Bob leaves for his U.S. Army unit and the nightmare begins. A criminal band abducts Michael and spirits him to Bulgaria.


So begins a twenty-eight-year journey that takes the Danforths from Michael's kidnapping and Bob and Liz's efforts to rescue him, to Bob's forced separation from the Army because of his unauthorized entry into Bulgaria, to his recruitment by the CIA, to Michael's commissioning in the Army, to Michael's capture by a Serb SPETSNAZ team in Macedonia, and to Michael's eventual marriage to the daughter of the gang leader who kidnapped him as a child.


The stops along the journey weave an intricate series of heart-stopping events built around complex, often diabolical characters. The reader experiences CIA espionage during the Balkans War, attempted assassinations in the United States, and the grisly exploits of a psychopathic killer.

Evil Deeds is an adrenaline-boosting story about revenge, love, and the triumph of good over evil.



Terror Cell (Danforth Series #2)

Bob Danforth, Chief of Special Operations at the CIA, is sent to Athens, Greece to track down a group of terrorists who murdered the CIA Station Chief.


Evidence surfaces which leads Danforth to believe the same terrorist group is planning a catastrophic attack during the Olympic Games.

He must unravel the terrorists' plot before it's too late.


ISBN: 1-931643-45-8

The Nostradamus Secret (Danforth Series #3)

This latest historical thriller in the Bob Danforth series builds on Nostradamus's "lost" 58 quatrains and segues to present day. These lost quatrains have surfaced in the hands of a wealthy Iranian megalomaniac who believes his rise to world power was prophesied by Nostradamus. But he sees the United States as the principal obstacle to the achievement of his goals. So, the first step he takes is to attempt to destabilize the United States through a vicious series of terrorist attacks and assassinations.

Joseph Badal offers up another action-packed story loaded with intrigue, fascinating characters and geopolitical machinations that put the reader on the front line of present-day international conflict. You will be transported from a 16th century French monastery to the CIA, to crime scenes, to the Situation Room at the White House, to Middle Eastern battlefields.

The Nostradamus Secret presents non-stop action in a contemporary context that will make you wonder whether the story is fact or fiction, history or prophesy.


ISBN: 978-1-876963-41-5

Shell Game

SHELL GAME, Joe's fifth thriller, was released in June 2012. It tells the story of a family whose business is threatened with failure due to a corrupt Federal banking regulator and his sociopathic vulture investor partner.


SHELL GAME is inspired by actual events and heavy-handed policies imposed by the U.S. government since the capital markets meltdown and banking crisis that began in 2007, and continues through today.

The Lone Wolf Agenda (Danforth Series #4)

The Lone Wolf Agenda continues the story of Bob & Liz Danforth, and their son, Michael. This book, like it's predecessors, Evil Deeds, Terror Cell, and The Nostradamus Secret, is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense built on a story that could be ripped from today's headlines.


With The Lone Wolf Agenda, Joseph Badal returns to the world of international espionage and military action thrillers and crafts a story ripped from today's headlines that is as close to the real world of spies and soldiers as a reader can find. This fourth book in the Danforth Saga (Evil Deeds, Terror Cell, and The Nostradamus Secret) brings Bob Danforth out of retirement to hunt down lone wolf terrorists hell bent on destroying America's oil pipeline infrastructure.


As the United States discovers more and more oil reserves and is moving toward energy self-sufficiency, OPEC realizes it is about to lose its largest customer. The organization puts in place a lone wolf terrorist ring, in league with a Mexican Drug cartel, to attack America's pipeline network. Danforth and his son, Michael, now a senior officer with DELTA Force, partner to identify and neutralize this terrorist network. Badal weaves just enough spyware and weapons technology into his story to wow even the most a-technical reader.


This story is an epic adventure that will chill readers as they discover that nothing, no matter how diabolical, is impossible.

The Lone Wolf Agenda won first prize for Best Fiction Book-Thriller/Mystery in the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

Ultimate Betrayal



Ultimate Betrayal is a thriller that takes the reader on an action-packed, adrenaline-boosting ride, from the streets of South Philadelphia, through the Afghanistan War, to Mafia drug smuggling, to the halls of power at the CIA and the White House.


David Hood comes from the streets of South Philadelphia, becomes a decorated Afghanistan War hero, builds a highly successful business, marries the woman of his dreams, and has two children he adores.


But there are two ghosts in David's life. One is the guilt he carries over the death of his brother. The other is a specter that will do anything to murder him. David has long lost the belief that good will triumph over evil. The deaths of his wife and children only reinforce that cynicism. And leave him with nothing but a bone-chilling, all-consuming need for revenge.

ULTIMATE BETRAYAL received the Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction Book in the 2014 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

Borderline (Lassiter/Martinez Case Files #1)


In “Borderline,” Joseph Badal delivers his first mystery novel with the same punch and non-stop action found in his acclaimed thrillers.


Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez, two New Mexico homicide detectives, are assigned to investigate the murder of a wealthy Albuquerque socialite. They soon discover that the victim, a narcissistic borderline personality, played a lifetime game of destroying people’s lives. As a result, the list of suspects in her murder is extensive.


The detectives find themselves enmeshed in a helix of possible perpetrators with opportunity, means, and motive—and soon question giving their best efforts to solve the case the more they learn about the victim’s hideous past.
Their job gets tougher when the victim’s psychiatrist is murdered and DVDs turn up that show the doctor had serial sexual relationships with a large number of his female patients, including the murder victim.


“Borderline” presents a fascinating cast of characters, including two heroic female detective-protagonists and a diabolical villain; a roller coaster ride of suspense; and an ending that will surprise and shock the reader.

Death Ship (Danforth Series #5)

Death Ship

Death Ship is the fifth book in the Danforth Saga, which includes Evil Deeds, Terror Cell, The Nostradamus Secret, and The Lone Wolf Agenda. This latest edition of the Danforth story introduces Robbie Danforth, the 15-year-old grandson of Bob and Liz Danforth. Bob and Liz are now retired and Robbie’s father, Michael, is a senior officer with DELTA Command.
The story begins in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where Robbie is a high school student and, as the spring semester ends, is being bullied by a sadistic gang of older boys.

Bob and Liz charter a private yacht in the Ionian port of Siracusa, Sicily and invite Robbie and his mother, Miriana, to join them. The ability to leave North Carolina provides relief for Robbie from the daily bullying. On the day before they board the yacht, it is hijacked by a three-man team that plans, along with two other teams on hijacked boats, to attack U.S. Navy ships at Sigonella Naval Base on the northeast coast of Sicily. The team on the Danforth yacht plans to murder the family and the craft’s owner during its first day at sea.

Bob senses that something is amiss with the crew, but before he can act, Robbie shoots and kills with a flare gun the team leader of the hijackers when the man threatens his mother and grandmother. Bob and the boat’s owner subdue or kill the remaining two hijackers.

Evidence left behind by the hijackers indicates that they may be Iranians on a terrorist mission. After Bob alerts the CIA about the hijacking and about his suspicions, the Company discovers that there are two other hijacked boats that appear to be on course to rendezvous with a fishing boat carrying explosives to be offloaded onto the three hijacked boats.


Michael Danforth and a DELTA team on a classified mission in Afghanistan are flown to Sicily to assist in defeating the remaining hijackers. Meanwhile, the CIA enlists National Reconnaissance Office and National Security Agency assistance to try to determine the hijackers’ target.

It soon becomes clear that the hijackers’ mission is to attack Sigonella, but it also becomes clear that their mission makes no sense because there is no way that a craft loaded with explosives could get close enough to a U.S. Navy ship before it would be destroyed. Bob and members of the CIA’s Office of Clandestine Services come to the conclusion that the planned attack must be a diversion.

Intelligence product leads the CIA to believe that the real target is a U.S. Navy Aircraft carrier moored in Piraeus Bay, and that the weapon to be used against the carrier is a nuclear device planted on an oil tanker.  The CIA’s concern is not just for the men and women aboard the carrier, but also for the people in the region, and about the ecological disaster that would occur.

While the U.S. attempts to identify the oil tanker and confirm that it is carrying a nuclear weapon, an undercover CIA agent—an Iranian ex-patriot young woman—works inside a German investment firm to try to identify the firm’s clients. The firm has consistently and uncannily made investments that benefit from terrorist events, going all the way back to September 11, 2001. The Company believes that the firm and its clients are in league in planning terrorist events and capitalizing financially on those events.

These two threads of the story come together when the CIA discovers that the player behind the planned attack on the carrier and the investment firm’s investments is the Islamic State. IS has covered its plans and trail by using Iran as a stalking horse in the entire enterprise.

The oil tanker that is armed with the nuclear device is sailing under a false electronic signal, identifying it as a container ship. While the CIA tries to locate the tanker with satellites and electronic data, the ship enters Piraeus Bay under a false identifier. When the ship is finally identified, Michael, his DELTA team, and several Navy SEALs board the ship and discover a nuclear weapon and a nuclear engineer. They force the engineer to work with them to disarm the weapon with only seconds to spare before it is set to detonate.

An enemic, cowardly U.S. President influences the entire adventure with his inability to take action. His decisions, or lack thereof, are tainted by his hatred for Bob Danforth and for Jack Cole, the Director of Central Intelligence. The President's behavior during this crisis forces him to resign. His successor takes action against IS and the German investment firm, and approves medals for bravery to Michael and his men.

The book ends with Robbie back in North Carolina. The bullying that occurred in the previous semester begins anew. But Robbie has learned a great deal from being with his grandfather during the cruise, including the fact that using his mind can be, at times, more effective than physical force. He leads the gang of bullies to a church lot where they surround, beat, and rob him of a large amount of cash, all of which is filmed by a television news crew from a station that is televising a series on bullying. Not only is the news crew’s film evidence of the gang’s crimes, but the money they took off Robbie is marked with his name. The gang members are arrested on felony charges. Robbie becomes a popular member of the student body.



In “The Motive,” Joseph Badal presents the first book in his new series, “Cycle of Violence.” This latest addition to Badal’s offering of acclaimed, best-selling thrillers delivers the same sort of action and suspense that readers have come to expect and enjoy from his previous nine novels.

Confronted with suspicious information relating to his sister Susan’s supposed suicide in Honolulu, Albuquerque surgeon Matt Curtis questions whether his sister really killed herself. With the help of his sister’s best friend, Renee Drummond, and his former Special Forces comrade, Esteban Maldonado, Matt investigates Susan’s death. But Lonnie Jackson, the head of organized crime in Hawaii, afraid that Matt has gotten too close to the truth, sends killers after him.


This is an artfully written book that will appeal to readers who like thrillers with fully-developed characters, a big plot, and plenty of action, seasoned with friendship and romance.   


“The Motive” puts the reader on a roller coaster ride of non-stop thrills and chills, propelled by realistic dialogue and a colorful cast of characters. It is another entertaining story from a master story-teller where good and evil struggle for supremacy and everyday heroes battle malevolent antagonists. 

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