Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Joseph Badal presents the third in his Curtis Chronicles series with the same relentless tension that is a trademark of his award-winning suspense novels.

In “Justice,” Matt and Renee Curtis return, along with their maniacal tormentor, Lonnie Jackson. On a trip to Costa Rica with their friends Esteban and Alani Maldonado, Matt and Renee believe they are beyond Jackson’s reach. But Jackson orchestrates the kidnapping of Renee and Alani and transports them to his human trafficking headquarters in Nicaragua.

Matt and Esteban recruit former special operations soldiers living in Costa Rica to help them rescue their wives.

As with all Badal’s novels, “Justice” is a bold and complex thriller that weaves an intricate plot involving an international human trafficking organization, the CIA, Washington, D.C. political leaders, corrupt Central American politicians, Bulgarian organized crime figures, and a compelling cast of engaging, inspiring, and diabolical characters.

The Curtis Chronicles saga is an epic series into the age-old conflict between good and evil and will have you begging for more.



“ ‘Justice’ is a supremely harrowing, cat-and-mouse game of a tale carved out of the newly dangerous grounds of South America with human trafficking forming the backdrop. Joseph Badal’s sterling and effective latest once again serves up the stalwart team of Matt and Renee Curtis who find themselves up against a devilish foe determined to destroy them at all costs. This is action-adventure writing of the highest order, reminiscent of the epic tales of Wilbur Smith and Frederick Forsyth. ‘Justice’ is a gut-punch of a thriller, packing a wallop Badal dispenses with a strong and seasoned hand.”
--Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Murder, She Wrote Series

“ ‘Justice,’ the 3rd in the Curtis Chronicles, whips around the world at breakneck speed and dives into the dark world of human trafficking. Wonderful characters, a rapid-fire plot, and action that will make you sweat. Highly recommended.”
--D.P. Lyle, Award-Winning Author of the Jake Longly and Cain/ Harper Thriller Series

“Another thrill ride by acclaimed suspense author Joseph Badal.  It’s relentless from start to finish. Badal just gets better and better.”
--David Morrell, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Murder As a Fine Art”

“Badal has put together a suspenseful, intricate plot, filled with international intrigue, the CIA, a few crooked U.S. senators, a ruthless organized crime boss in Bulgaria, a look at the depravity of human trafficking, and more. Very well written, I highly recommend this excellent book.”
--Book Review Crew

" ‘Natural Causes’ by Joseph Badal is a first-rate thriller, a powerhouse of a story that will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours. The pacing is relentless, with a sense of menace that grows almost unbearable. Lassiter and Martinez are two homicide detectives for the ages. I loved it!
--Douglas Preston, #1 Bestselling Co-author of the Famed Pendergast Series

“For novels of international intrigue with gut-wrenching action, twists, and unpredictable developments, no thriller author can beat the high-octane crime writing of Joseph Badal. Suspense is his middle name.”
--Mark Rubinstein, Award-Winning Author of “The Lovers’ Tango”