Danforth Series #1

Evil Deeds is the first book in the Bob Danforth series, which includes Terror Cell, The Nostradamus Secret and The Lone Wolf Agenda. The reader can follow the lives of Bob and Liz Danforth and their son, Michael, from 1971 through 2011.

 Evil Deeds begins on a sunny spring day in 1971 in a quiet Athenian suburb. Bob and Liz Danforth's morning begins just like every other morning: breakfast together, Bob roughhousing with Michael. Then Bob leaves for his U.S. Army unit and the nightmare begins. A criminal band abducts Michael and spirits him to Bulgaria.

So begins a twenty-eight-year journey that takes the Danforths from Michael's kidnapping and Bob and Liz's efforts to rescue him, to Bob's forced separation from the Army because of his unauthorized entry into Bulgaria, to his recruitment by the CIA, to Michael's commissioning in the Army, to Michael's capture by a Serb SPETSNAZ team in Macedonia, and to Michael's eventual marriage to the daughter of the gang leader who kidnapped him as a child.

The stops along the journey weave an intricate series of heart-stopping events built around complex, often diabolical characters. The reader experiences CIA espionage during the Balkans War, attempted assassinations in the United States, and the grisly exploits of a psychopathic killer.

Evil Deeds is an adrenaline-boosting story about revenge, love, and the triumph of good over evil.



 “Another tightly plotted, deftly executed page turner from a master of suspense and international intrigue. Joseph Badal writes timely stories with authority and compassion. Highly recommended.”
--Sheldon Siegel, New York Times bestselling author of “Perfect Alibi”

With “Evil Deeds,” Joseph Badal pulls together the 28-year saga of the Danforth family and their hair-raising adventures in the U.S., Greece and the Balkans. Action-packed and filled with memorable characters, “Evil Deeds” delivers on every level.
--Steve Brewer, author of “Lost Vegas”

“A rollicking adventure that will transport the reader to the Greek islands for a high-stakes treasure hunt that opens a Pandora's box if intrigue, deceit and murder. Joseph Badal serves up a rogue's gallery of sharply drawn characters present in lean, muscular prose that will always leave you wanting more.”
--Philip Reed, author of “Bird Dog,” “Low Rider,” and “The Marquis De Fraud”

“Joe Badal takes us into a tangled puzzle of intrigue and terrorism; a page-turning mystery that gives readers a chance to combine learning of Greece and Greek politics with a tense, well told tale.”
--Tony Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author

“Once again, Badal has crafted a superb thriller that grips you from page one and doesn't let go. “The Nostradamus Secret” has it all—compelling plot, intricate characters and a breakneck pace that will keep readers up well into the night. Another winner for Badal.”
--Philip Donlay, author of “Category Five” and “Code Black”