SHELL GAME, Joe's fifth thriller, was released in June 2012. It tells the story of a family whose business is threatened with failure due to a corrupt Federal banking regulator and his sociopathic vulture investor partner.

SHELL GAME is inspired by actual events and heavy-handed policies imposed by the U.S. government since the capital markets meltdown and banking crisis that began in 2007, and continues through today. 


"Another tightly plotted, deftly executed page turner from a master of suspense and international intrigue. Joseph Badal writes timely stories with authority and compassion. Highly recommended."
 --Sheldon Siegel, New York Times bestselling author of "Perfect Alibi"

"It's a high dive for anyone to try, but Joseph Badal scores a "10" with this judge." 
--Rob Kresge, author of the Warbonnet historical mysteries and former CIA Senior Analyst

"Fiction Master Joseph Badal has another winner in "Shell Game." Take a roller coaster ride through the maze of modern banking regulations with one of modern fiction's most terrifying sociopaths in the driver's seat. Along with its compelling, fast-pacd story of a family's struggle against corruption, "Shell Game" raises important questions about America's financial system based on well-researched facts."
 --Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author of the Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelito Mystery Series