The Pythagorean Solution 



A brief synopsis of The Pythagorean Solution:

The attempt to decipher a map leads to violence and death, and a decades-long sunken treasure.

When American John Hammond arrives on the Aegean island of Samos he is unaware of events that happened six decades earlier that will embroil him in death and violence and will change his life forever.

Late one night Hammond finds Petros Vangelos lying mortally wounded in an alley.  Vangelos hands off a coded map, making Hammond the link to a Turkish tramp steamer that carried a fortune in gold and jewels and sank in a storm in 1945.

On board this ship, in a waterproof safe, are documents that implicate a German SS Officer in the theft of valuables from Holocaust victims and the laundering of those valuables by the Nazi's Swiss banker partner.

(ISBN: 0-743498-49-2)

Reviews of The Pythagorean Solution

"If you enjoy fast-moving suspense in an intriguing setting, with a different sort of villain and a lively crew of characters, you're going to love The Pythagorean Solution.  It's Joe Badal's first entry in the field and we hope an encore is in the works."
Tony Hillerman, New York Times Best Selling Author

"The Pythagorean Solution is a pulse-pounding adventure set in the Greek isles, centered around sunken treasure and dark secrets, and peopled by unlikely heroes and shrewd, heartless villains.  A wild ride of a novel, sure to be appreciated by fans of Tom Clancy and Eric Ambler."
Steve Brewer, author of CHEAP SHOT

"A rollicking adventure that will transport the reader to the Greek islands for a high-stakes treasure hunt that opens a Pandora's box if intrigue, deceit and murder.  Joseph Badal serves up a rogue's gallery of sharply drawn characters present in lean, muscular prose that will always leave you wanting more."