The Pythagorean Solution (Hard Cover: 2003; Paperback: 2005; Ebook: 2010)

Evil Deeds - Bob Danforth Series #1 (Trade Paperback & Ebook: Released 11/11/11)

Terror Cell - Bob Danforth Series #2 (Hard Cover: 2004; Ebook: 2010)

The Nostradamus Secret - Bob Danforth series #3 (Trade Paperback & Ebook: 2011)

Shell Game (Trade Paperback: 2012; Ebook: 2012)

Short Stories

Fire & Ice, published in Uncommon Assassins, 2012


Loan Modification Programs: A Great Alternative to Refinancing a Mortgage (2005)

Financing a Home With No Down Payment (2005)

When Mortgage Debt Can Be a Good Thing (2006)

The Advantages of Portfolio Lender Relationships (2006)

Mortgage Matters: Why ARMs Make Sense (6/4/2006)

Mortgage Matters: A Case Against Installment Debt (8/6/2006)

Mortgage Matters: The Baby Boomer Effect (10/1/2006)

Mortgage Matters: 100 Percent Financing Can Make Sense(12/3/2006)

Mortgage Lending to a Trust or LLC (2007)

Exception Lending Versus Exceptional Lending (2007)

Mortgage Matters: 2007's Real Estate Outlook (2/4/2007)

Using Common Sense to Enrich Alt-A Lending Success (2/2007)

Mortgage Matters: Housing Boom Slows (4/1/2007)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jumbos (5/2007)

Mortgage Matters: Using Home Equity Wisely (6/3/2007)

Mortgage Matters: In Hard Times, What's A Realtor To Do? (8/5/2007)

Mortgage Matters: Is This 2007... Or 1929? (10/7/2007)

Mortgage Matters: Excess/Excessive Reaction (12/2/2007)

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